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4competence é una società, che opera nel campo della chirurgia con sede a Lugano, Svizzera.

The idea for our name was inspired by our enthusiasm for modern technologies and our interest in minimally-invasive surgical procedures. We have actively participated in the research and development of new products. This is why we feel secure in representing these unique, high quality products for specialized medical treatment in surgical centres. These products are now certificated and we offer them with confidence to the Swiss market. We are committed to supporting our clients, who we see as partners, with a know-how based on years of practical experience in heart surgery. We believe and encourage collaborations and international projects. The company is managed by Marietta Hochstrasser.

Today “Technology” is frequently proposed as the one and only solution to a patient’s health problems . 4competence wants to put at the same level of importance the TECHNOLOGICAL PROGRESS, the HUMAN RELATIONSHIP, the PROFESSIONALISM and the SPECIFIC COMPETENCE. Therefore we don’t only offer a commercial opportunity, but a partneship for a mutual cooperation in order to find the optimal treatment course for the patient.


Swiss Generic Osteosythesis.

MPS2, Myocardial Protection System and more.

True Flow RDB, Snake and Elizabeth.

Ultravision CT and other high-quality surgical access systems.

Cordless luminous retractor.

Product for cardiac-pulmonary perfusion.

Surgical instruments and retractors.

HV Heart Retractor.

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